Hello World? Really?

A woman sitting on a road cries amid the ruins of the city of Natori, Japan.

Reprinted from MSNBC, photographer Asahi Shimbun of Reuters

This was supposed to be the first post of my new, professional blog concerning my interests in search engine optimization and web content development strategies. I have so many stories to tell, advice to share, and, quite frankly, still so many things to learn about all this that I was eager to get the ball rolling. I somehow found a rare, unclaimed .COM domain name that contained the term “SEO” that was not 57 characters long. I bought the domain, set up the blog platform, found a suitable, plain, unobtrusive blog theme to play with, and got it all set up to go. Then out of the blue, the world shook like hell, and right now all of this seems pretty damn unimportant.

Instead of mulling over what the ancient (at least in terms of the computer industry) and silly concept of “Hello World” means to me, I am in shock. I am horrified, humbled, and devastated by the events taking place right now in Japan as I write this first post. So rather than using this inaugural post to talk about me and my work, I am going to keep this short and to the point.

If you can do so, please join me in helping the people in Japan affected by the enormous Sendai earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and possible nuclear reactor disaster(s). These folks need our help right now. Please visit one or more of the following charitable sites:

There are many other worthy charities that are working hard to come to the aid of the Japanese people – sorry I could not list them all. Sadly, there are also a few sleazeballs on the Internet who are using this catastrophe as a means to scam well-meaning people out of their money. Please watch out for these lowlifes. Please go directly to the charity site of your choice to donate rather than responding to possible email spam.

We’ll soon get back to our regularly scheduled programming, but I just had to acknowledge these tragic world events. Be back at you soon. red diamond logo

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