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What’s in a name? In SEO, potentially a lot

In the world of online business, you can live and die by your name, which for small business owners usually translates into your site’s domain name URL. If you’re a spammer, you likely don’t care about your business name’s URL. Spammers buy domain names by the hundreds (or even thousands) and use each one as […]

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How to write good

Long ago, when I was first starting out in writing, I came across a ridiculous list of writing tips and advice that used ironic humor (which I adore!) to define how to be a better writer. Over the years, I kept building up that list with new finds and added a few of my own […]

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Instant gratification vs. SEO

In my previous post, Everything you need to know about SEO, I started my baker’s dozen list with a critically important insight: “SEO isn’t an overnight success story or a one-time effort.” It’s page rank at #1 was not coincidental. This is a very important statement for SEOs to convey to their clients and for […]

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Hello World? Really?

This was supposed to be the first post of my new, professional blog concerning my interests in search engine optimization and web content development strategies. I have so many stories to tell, advice to share, and, quite frankly, still so many things to learn about all this that I was eager to get the ball […]

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