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Lance Armstrong, Professional Ethics and SEO

As stated in my brief Twitter profile, I have been a TdF fans (that’s Tour de France for those not geeky enough to follow the niche sport of professional bicycle racing) for many years. I’ve been following the 3-week, 2,000+ mile TdF as it unfolds every July since the days Greg LeMond was riding and […]

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Helping Charities with SEO and Google Grants

Quick note from Rick before we begin this post: Sorry I was absent for so long from these pages. As you can see from my Additional posts on SEO page, I have actually been keeping busy with SEO blogging. But recent employment obligations prevented me from being able to focus time and energy on this […]

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Use rel=author to claim credit for your writing in Google

If you are like me, an author of web-based content, you care about your work. You get upset when someone plagiarizes parts of your content (or worse yet, simply screen scrapes your work and republishes it without attribution on another site). And frankly, you’d like to be recognized for the good work you do. Well, […]

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Optimize to reap the fruits of your labor

Conventional wisdom is wrong – AGAIN. They said it couldn’t be done. But I’ve done it. Maybe I’m lucky, but I think there’s more to it than that. Allow me to elaborate. I live in Washington State, west of the Cascade mountains, not too far from the shores of Puget Sound. My neighbors and I […]

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Funnel that link juice with canonicalization

In an earlier post titled, “What’s in a name? In SEO, potentially a lot,” I talked about how you can canonicalize your domain name in terms of sorting out potential user confusion between homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently). Note: Remember that to canonicalize a URL is to select one primary […]

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What’s in a name? In SEO, potentially a lot

In the world of online business, you can live and die by your name, which for small business owners usually translates into your site’s domain name URL. If you’re a spammer, you likely don’t care about your business name’s URL. Spammers buy domain names by the hundreds (or even thousands) and use each one as […]

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